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Sonadow is my favorite along with FNAF so you'll will be seeing a lot of art between the subjects, oh and let me know if there is any other fanfics or drawing you want me to draw or write up




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I am an artist for i love to draw, and i love to write stories. I'm a secret yaoi lover and i love making lots of friends.


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Its been so many years since we have been together,
our trust and bondage has grown stronger.
We have been best friends for so many years, 
I don't know how long we can stay like this.

Your my best friend that's all I can say, 
I will cherish our moments forever to stay.
Since we were little we made the worst jokes, 
played the best tricks, and made the most awful puns.

I can say your the most amazing friend I ever had, and I
will always love you.
My Best Friend
I made this for all the best Friends in the world!!!!!!! Hug Hug Hug 
It was 9:30 A.M. going on 10:00:in beautiful country of Canada, with their snowy mountains and maple trees. On top of a rural hill stood a mansion, and inside of it lived blonde Canadian man and his polar bear. The said man was fast asleep rolling over a few times to get comfortable.


???: Today is a new day today!!! C'mon Kumajirou is time to get up.

The man slowly stood up stretching hid like from hibernating in his comfy bed. Now that he was done stretching here made his way to his closet picking out an outfit for him and his polar bear to wear.

Kumajirou: Good Morning Canada.

The man now called Canada turned around with a gentle smile, and made his way to the young cub so he can get them both cleaned in the bathroom.

Canada: Good morning, Kumajirou, I hope you had a good nights rest for now today we have a busy day.

As  Canada first gave Kumajirou his bath he was surprised by an early call coming from his phone. His phone was voice activated so his phone picked up the call.

Canada: Hello this is Canada, whose calling?

???: Hello Canada its me Russia, I was calling to see if you wanted to go on a trip with me and the rest of the gang on a cruise.

Canada: Oh Hi Russia, I would like to come, but I have to get Kumajirou a check up. He hasn't been feeling well so let me see if I can come.

Russia: Alright, well your the first one I only invited so please let me know as soon as possible if you can make it. Oh and Canada?

Canada: Yes Russia, is there something else you need to tell me?

Russia: W-w-well I'll tell you later okay. Bye!

And with the that Russia hung up the phone, and Canada looked confused before pulling the cub out of the bath so we can take a shower. After he was done with his shower Canada combed all his hair back with his curl poking out. He put on a black wife beater then his red plaid shirt. He then slipped on a pair of white skinny jeans and his Canadian flag socks. Last but not least he put on black and red converse with a white scarf. He carefully tied Kumajirou customized Canadian bandana around his neck not to choke him. Canada then grabbed cross-body bag with his coffee making sure not to forget to grab his keys.

'I wonder what Russia has in store for me, but for now I have to hurry and get Kumajirou to his appointment.'

With that thought Canada put Kumajirou in the car strapping him in his seatbelt. Then he got in his seat with his seatbelt on leaving home so they wouldn't be late.
My sunflower (Hetalia Ruscan)
Hello my peeps it's me again
Sorry I haven't been uploading stories
I've been kinda busy with......... Stuff!
So lets get on with the story
BoyxBoy don't like don't read and enjoy


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